Focus on

  • Silencer testbench

    BASTRA has developed a new Silencer Testbench.

    In few minutes only you can measure backpressure, sound power and transmission loss.

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  • Measurement service

    BASTRA is providing measurement service with up to 64 channels on vehicles or industrial machinery

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  • Combustion engine R&D

    BASTRA is a developing partner for combustion engine R&D of all engine types. Layout, design, prototyping and testing service.

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  • Flow Test Benches

    BASTRA is producing advanced Flow Test Benches for industrial application.

    Vacuum flows as well as overpressure flows can be generated.

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Our ENGINEERING projects are in the following markets:

  • Automotive, Motorcycle
  • Combustion Engines
  • Power Tools
  • Embedded Systems
  • Automation

Our SERVICES are provided in:

  • Calculation, Simulation & Design
  • Combustion Engine R&D
  • Measurement and Testing
  • Software Development
  • Embedded System Design
  • Condition Monitoring

Our PRODUCTS are developed for:

  • Industrial vibration analysis
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Quality Control systems