> Calculation Service

BASTRA offers a wide range of Calculation Service using state-of-art computational technology.

We provide calculation and simulation services with following simulation methods: 

  • FEM (Finite Element Method)
  • MBS (Multi Body Simulation)
  • BEM (Boundary Element Method)
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • ECS (Engine Cycle Simulation)

Our calculation servers are powered with parallel CPUs (Nodes) in order to solve complex and high-end calculation models based on millions of mesh cells. We provide a turn-key calculation service to our clients. By building up personalized procedures and “software tools” we offer a tailored service.

Some examples of our calculation and simulation services:

  • Engine gas exchange 3D simulation of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
  • Valvetrain dynamics
  • Vibro-acoustics of engine housing
  • Noise radiation of silencers
  • Material stress analysis of suspension components
  • Gear tooth meshing simulation
  • Torsional vibration of powertrain
  • Combustion process calculation
  • Rubber damper vibration simulation
  • Heat transfer simulation
  • Finite Element Method

    The analysis of structures for stress and deformation need to be performed in order to optimize complex objects in terms of weight, stiffness and material property. BASTRA is facing every kind of structure problem-solving in engine and machinery develop...
  • Multi Body Simulation

    The analysis of multi body dynamics has become more and more important in order to optimize the dynamics and the interactivity of bodies by knowing the acting forces. By linking FEM and MBS modelling we are able to analyze the dynamic load and structura...
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Using state-of-the-art CFD tools, we work on stationary and transient 3D flow analysis. Using parallelized calculation power we are able to solve complex projects in reasonable times with mesh sizes up to millions of cells. We deal successfully with pro...
  • Boundary Element Method

    The analysis and prediction of Vibro-Acoustics has become more and more important in early stage of product R&D. Excitations generated by machinery cause vibrating surfaces which create noise radiations. The know-how of controlling structure born no...
  • Engine Cycle Simulation

    Performing one-dimensional Engine-Cycle-Simulation we are able to optimize combustion engine gas dynamics and engine gas exchanges. A lot of experiences and strong know-how in combustion engine design & layout make us confident in finding optimized ...