The request for lower exhaust emission and reduced fuel consumption of combustion engines has become a global issue. In order to meet future legislation limits combustion design and control of combustion process has become necessary.

BASTRA is working on different applications to improve charge motion and combustion efficiency:

  • SCC (Stratified Combustion Control) by direct injection and active controlled valvetrain & intake manifolds

The SCC concept is characterised by its direct injection system combined with a variable intake manifold - the swumble port - for controlled charge motion.
The potential of improved fueling efficiency (up to 20%) is given by lean part-load conditions with lambda > 3.

  • ICC (Indirect Combustion Control) by indirect injection/carburetion and active controlled intake port

The ICC concept is based on a variable intake port - secondary throttle or swumble port - which is applicable on two and four valve engines.
In combination with conventional indirect injection/carburetion systems the ICC concept gives fueling efficiency improvement of up to 10%.