Noise Vibration Harshness

Our experts in NVH engineering make sure that engines/vehicle noise and vibrations will be optimized by analysis and design of:

  • airborne-noise
  • structure-born noise (linear & non-linear)
  • sound quality
  • design of intake & exhaust system for vehicles and industrial purposes
  • noise & vibration of machinery and industrial plants
  • homologation measurements

BASTRA is equipped to perform measurements and computational analysis in NVH engineering.

It is a challenge for us to improve NVH characteristics of products in development stage as well as in prototype stage.

  • Airborne noise

    Airborne Noise is generated by dynamical and pulsing air/gas flows running into the ambient. The control of airborne noise generation and transmission is key part of our NVH activities. Our experts in NVH engineering provide service on projects like: ...
  • Structure born noise

    Structure born Noise is generated by dynamically deflecting surfaces of elastic housings and bodies. Oscillating surfaces transport sound energy into the ambient and give an important contribution to the sound power emission of combustion engines and vehic...