Four stroke engine performance is strongly dependent on valve time-area and valve timing. The physical limits of the valvetrain are determined by the kinematic and dynamic of the involved mechanics and the material properties.

BASTRA is able to analyse, generate and prototype all types of valvetrain:

Valvetrain analysis/layout

  • Valvelift generation with multipolynomial calculation (control until 5th derivation) for every type of valvetrain
  • Optimisation of valvetrain kinematic in order to improve volumetric efficiency and fuel consumption (automatic valvelift generation with direct coupling to Engine-Cycle-Simulation optimisation)
  • Dynamic valvetrain analysis using MBS

Valvetrain generation/prototyping

  • Cam profile generation
  • Prototyping or small series production of camshafts

Valvetrain measurement

  • Dynamic valvelift measurement on running engine
  • NVH analysis of valvetrain generated vibro-acoustics