> Measurement Service

BASTRA is providing a wide range of Measurement and Testing Services.

Using advanced state-of-art technology we support our clients in performing measurements and testing in areas like:

  • power and torque measurement (drivelines, combustion engines)
  • noise measurement
  • vibration measurement
  • temperature measurement
  • pressure measurement (static and dynamic)
  • force measurement (static and dynamic)
  • Condition Monitoring of industrial machinery
  • Remote data logging
  • Data Acquisition

    BASTRA offers Data Acquisition service using state-of-art technology. We provide Data Acquisition services like: Remote data logging Real-time data acquisition Online monitoring data acquisition   Some examples of our Data Acqu...
  • Vibration

    BASTRA offers a wide range of Vibration measurement services using state-of-art technology. We provide Vibration Measurement services like: Vibration (Level) measurement Modal shape (mode) measurement Operating deflection shape measurement ...
  • Noise

    BASTRA performs various Noise measurement services using state-of-art technology. We provide Noise Measurement services like: Sound Pressure (Level) measurement Sound Power measurement Sound Intensity measurement Sound Quality measurement...
  • Transmission Loss

    BASTRA provides measurement service of the acoustic Transmission Loss (TL) of silencer systems like: exhaust gas silencer system (automotive, motorcycle) intake silencer system (automotive, motorcycle) system of ventilation and air conditioning...