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BASTRA develops advanced Products.
Our experience and technical know-how is a strong basis for new product development.

Our product range is based in the following markets:

  • Measurement instruments and devices
  • Test-benches for Process monitoring and Quality Control
  • Combustion engines
  • Software Development
  • Sound & Vibration Analyzer

    We have developed a powerful multi-purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzer (SVA) suitable for all kinds of noise and vibration measurements. What is it about? The SVA is a powerful platform dedicated to those who need to save time on measurement pro...
  • Machinery Diagnostic

    VMGears technology is based on the vibration and noise analysis of rotating machinery like Gearboxes, Transmissions, Electric drives, Generators, Pumps, Fans, Blowers, etc. VMGears platform consists of the following products: VMGears RD – po...
  • Silencer Test bench

    The ATB and PTB are test benches for exhaust and intake silencers of 2- and 4-wheeler, like automobile, truck, off-road, motorcycle, ATV and UTV. The ATB measures the Transmission Loss, Sound Power and Insertion Loss of silencers. The PTB measures th...
  • Flow Test Benches

    BASTRA produces a serie of advanced Flow Test Benches for industrial application. Measurements of flows and pressures are efficiently performed on devices like throttle-bodies, valves, silencers, pipes, junctions, carburetors, filters and many more. ...
  • Laservibrometer

    The Laservibrometer LV-2 is a powerful and high precision Laser for surface velocity and vibration measurement. This device is "a must" for non-contact vibration measurements of object surfaces. The Laser head is a small and separate unit connected b...
  • Software

    BASTRA develops and produces software for the following applications: - software for data logging and acquisition - software for data analysis and diagnostic - software for control of industrial production processes - software for calculation a...