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BASTRA develops advanced Products.
Our experience and technical know-how is a strong basis for new product development.

Our product range is based in the following markets:

  • Measurement instruments and devices
  • Test-benches for Process monitoring and Quality Control
  • Combustion engines
  • Software Development
  • Sound & Vibration Analyzer

    We have developed a powerful multi-purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzer (SVA) suitable for all kinds of noise and vibration measurements. What is it about? The SVA is a powerful platform dedicated to those who need to save time on measurement pro...
  • Machinery Diagnostic

    VMGears® technology is based on the vibration and noise analysis of rotating machinery like Gearboxes, Transmissions, Electric drives, Generators, Pumps, Fans, Blowers, etc. VMGears® platform consists of the following products: VMGears RD ...
  • Silencer Test bench

    The ATB and PTB are test benches for exhaust and intake silencers of 2- and 4-wheeler, like automobile, truck, off-road, motorcycle, ATV and UTV. The ATB measures the Transmission Loss, Sound Power and Insertion Loss of silencers. The PTB measures th...
  • Flow Test Benches

    BASTRA produces a serie of advanced Flow Test Benches for industrial application. Measurements of flows and pressures are efficiently performed on devices like throttle-bodies, valves, silencers, pipes, junctions, carburetors, filters and many more. ...
  • Laservibrometer

    The Laservibrometer LV-2 is a powerful and high precision Laser for surface velocity and vibration measurement. This device is "a must" for non-contact vibration measurements of object surfaces. The Laser head is a small and separate unit connected b...
  • Software

    BASTRA develops and produces software for the following applications: - software for data logging and acquisition - software for data analysis and diagnostic - software for control of industrial production processes - software for calculation a...