ATB test bench

What is it about?

The ATB test bench measures the Transmission Loss (TL) of exhaust and intake silencers for 2- and 4-wheeler, like automobile, truck, off-road, motorcycle, ATV and UTV.
The Acoustic attenuation versus Frequency is an indicator for the acoustic Character, Efficiency and Quality of the noise emission of the silencer.

The ATB can calculate the Sound Power emission, the Insertion Loss of every silencer type by using realistic combustion engine excitations. This information is very useful for comparing silencer in sound timbre and noise level.

How does the ATB work?

Just easy like that: place the silencer on the bench, connect the hoses to the silencer and start the measurement guided by the ATB user GUI software: “everything is done in few minutes – from set-up to display of the result”.
The ATB can be used in the Design Process of silencers, as well as for the Quality Control in the Production.