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TTB-50 Vacuum Flow Bench

What is it about?

The TTB-50 is a powerful flow bench for vacuum flows. It measures the vacuum pressure vs. massflow.

How does the TTB-50 work?

This powerful vacuum flow bench can perform stationary vacuum flow tests for constant flow (<10kg/h) or constant vacuum pressure (>-600mbar relative).
The TTB-50 can be used together with the ATB-PTB test bench as an external unit or as a stand-alone unit simply linked to a PC by USB connection.
A smart and easy-to-use software will guide you through the test procedure - just "plug-and-test".

For what is it used?

The TTB-50 finds its application on testing of throttle bodies, EFI, carburetors, valves, injectors, pipes and many more. Pressure losses vs. mass flow are measured.



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