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Sound & Vibration Analyzer

We have developed a powerful multi-purpose Sound & Vibration Analyzer (SVA) suitable for all kinds of noise and vibration measurements.

What is it about?

The SVA is a powerful platform dedicated to those who need to save time on measurement procedures and want to save money on hardware.
No more wasting time on analyzer settings or procedure set-up. This analyzer is prepared for your personal demands and focuses on the jobs you need to perform.

How does it work?

The SVA offers a flexible and expandable hardware platform, which will be tailored to clients requirements.
In addition, we provide a number of measurement procedures ready installed and very easy to use - all free of charge. These prepared and installed procedure can follow individual, special requirements and/or international standard procedures like ISO, ANSI, etc.

How does it come?

The SVA will be configured and assembled on clients demand. The system comes turn-key and ready to use with all hardware, software and sensors required. 







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