VMGears CMS is a system for the remote condition monitoring and diagnostic of industrial rotating machinery like Gearboxes, Transmissions, Generators, Electrics drives, Pumps, Fans and Blowers.

What is the system about?

The CMS consists of a number of remote clients the RMU (Remote Monitoring Units) which continuously analyze and control the status and safety of industrial rotating machinery. The RMU may work in a network with Server (or Master PC) or in stand-alone mode.

Which information does the CMS provide?

The RMU(s) provide information of the machinery condition status by detailed analysis and diagnostic of the operation signals like rpm, temperature, pressure, vibration, load and others.

How does the RMU work?

The RMU analyzes continuously possible damages and defects of each component in „background mode“ by 24h. In case of possible defects the RMU sends alarms to the Server (or Master PC) or via USB asking for data transfer access of analysis results. The strategy of „background mode“ operation increases the transparency of data analysis, reduces the data transfer amount and running system costs.



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